Chapel of Saint Ignatius Loyola

Honor Award

"They did something magical with the glass block," commented one juror, who praised the architects' ingenuity and dexterity in designing this newly constructed, 200-seat high-school chapel interior. The chapel's east-facing orientation and glass block masonry bring filtered light into the chapel during morning services. The wavy glass block serves another function: diminishing the presence of the urban environment just outside of the building, allowing for a serene experience for chapel-goers. Jurors cited the space as an example of how to effectively "paint with a broad brush—three materials [wood, concrete and glass] and you're done." Custom fiber-reinforced panels on the fourth wall contain cross-shaped cutouts that continue the play of reflection and pattern. The architects designed the minimalist birch wood altar furniture and stainless steel water font.

John Ronan Architects
Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School
C.E. Anderson & Associated (Structural); dbHMS (MEPEP); Threshold Acoustics (Acoustic & AV)
General contractor
Norcon, Inc
Chicago, IL